Gulmarg - a Paradisaical Travel Experience

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Published: 08th October 2012
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Gulmarg travel is the stuff dreams are made of. Stupendous natural beauty along with some of the best of winter adventure sports in India leave one craving for more. Originally known as Gaurimarg, the place was renamed by King Yosuf Shah Chak. The new name, Gulmarg (meadow of roses) definitely does justice to this indescribably beautiful destination. In fact, be it emperor Jahangir and the colonial era Englishmen, or the domestic and international tourists of today, Gulmarg’s beauty has enchanted and continues to grip one and all. Gulmarg is also reasonably close to the popular destinations of Srinagar and Sonmarg, which makes it all the more desirable. Come, take a look at some of the awaiting you when you travel to Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Gondola Travel

The Gondola or cable car ride remains one of the top attractions of a trip to Gulmarg. The ride stretches across two parts, namely from Gulmarg to Kongdori and from Kongdori to Apherwat. It starts from a height of 2690 m above sea level and rises up to 3090 m on its way to Kongdoor. The Gondola crosses over Pine forests and provides fabulous views of the magnificent hilly terrain. The view of the flower filled Khilanmarg meadow is an especially unforgettable sight, while riding the Gondola. In short, the Gondola has gone a long way in promoting Gulmarg tourism amongst the masses.

Adventure Travel at Gulmarg

A Gulmarg trip is a veritable paradise for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. The natural snow clad slopes here ensures hours of blissful fun and frolic. One need not be an expert to ski here as the smaller slopes of 200 m to 3 km runs prove perfect for beginners. Both starters and veterans can also enroll for classes at the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering in Gulmarg. In fact, Gulmarg is full of ski resorts and one can hire all skiing paraphernalia from these resorts. So, if winter sports turn you on, fix your Gulmarg travel planner dates for Christmas and Easter, when the destination comes alive with skiing races.

Journey to Baba Reshi Shrine

A Gulmarg tour is not simply about natural beauty and trekking or skiing. The destination also has religious significance by way of the Baba Reshi mosque built in fusion Mughal and Persian styles of architecture. Built way back in 1480, this place is the tomb of Baba Reshi, a well known courtier from the Durbar of Kashmir’s king Zain-ul-Abidin. The shrine is surrounded by huge sprawling lawns and is visited by thousands of believers every year. This mosque finds mention in many a renowned Gulmarg travel guide.

Tourist Places Near Gulmarg

While fixing your Gulmarg trip planner, you may well consider a trip to Sonmarg or Srinagar. Both these places are reasonably close and remain very well known tourist spots. So here is your travel planner for checking out these places from Gulmarg.

A Srinagar Journey

The Gulmarg to Srinagar distance is just about 52 km and you can make it by road in approximately one and a half hours. Some of the biggest sightseeing rewards of a Gulmarg to Srinagar trip are Nishat Bagh, Shankaracharya Mandir and Hazratbal Shrine.

Trip to Sonmarg

The Gulmarg to Sonmarg distance is about 129 km. By car, you can reach from Gulmarg to Sonmarg in approximately three hours’ time. For a detailed Gulmarg to Sonmarg road map, click on the link Top attractions at Sonmarg include the Vishansar and Gadsar lakes.

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