Tourist Attractions from Warangal

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Published: 26th October 2012
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A trip to Warangal should definitely be considered if you are visiting Andhra Pradesh. With its legendary heritage, the destination is especially a hit with history buffs. In fact, Warangal used to be the capital of the mighty Kakatiya Kingdom from the 12th to the 14th centuries and is dotted with lots of interesting old monuments. Warangal is also located conveniently close to numerous other popular tourist destinations such as Hyderabad and Raichur to name just two. For a closer look at the most popular tourist attractions in Warangal and for some practical information on Hyderabad and Raichur, take quick look at this short Warangal travel guide.

Visit to Warangal Fort

Visiting Warangal Fort is probably the biggest reward of your travel to Warangal. The fort was built in the 13th century during the reign of the Kakatiyas. With four huge gateways of the Sanchi style, it is one of the best examples of South Indian architecture. The outer wall is said to be the largest of its kind in the country. Amongst the different impressive structures comprising the fort, there is a magnificent old temple located right in the middle of the premises. Although, the fort has run into ruins, it continues to be one of the focal points of interest in terms of the attractions under the Warangal travel tourism industry.

Bhadrakali Temple Tour

A Warangal tour is usually not deemed complete without darshan at the Bhadrakali Temple. The temple is very old and dates back to the Kakatiya era. It is built in the stupendous architectural style of the Chalukyas. The Goddess Kali is depicted here in her fearsome avatar holding weapons in all her eight hands. A crown adorns head of The Mother Goddess or Goddess Kali and she is depicted in a seated position. The temple is located atop a holy hill near Warangal City. Most travellers visiting Warangal make it a point to seek blessings at the temple. Be sure that darshan here is a part of your travel planner for Warangal.

Journey of Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Warangal travel is usually identified with historical attractions. However, the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary here, proves to be a splendid treat for nature aficionados. Dating back to 1952, when it officially became a sanctuary, the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is amongst the oldest sanctuaries throughout Andhra Pradesh. The jungle is stocked with a huge variety of fauna life such as tigers, panthers, wolves, sloth bears, deers and nilgais. The landscape is a wonderful contrast of deep valleys, long plains, soaring hill peaks and springs and streams. The vegetation is of the tropical dry deciduous variety including teak and various other trees with many of them being as tall as 60 feet. If you love jungles and nature, it goes without saying that you should plan a trip to the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary.

Tourist Places around Warangal

There are plenty of tourist places around Warangal with two of the must visit destinations being Hyderabad and Raichur. Here is some information that will come in handy if you want to fix a travel planner to these places from Warangal.

Trip to Hyderabad

The Warangal to Hyderabad distance is about 150 km. You may travel from Warangal to Hyderabad by both road or rail. The journey time for Hyderabad to Warangal trains is about two and a half hours. Train ticket reservations start at about Rs 70.

Trip to Raichur

The distance from Warangal to Raichur is about 350 km and you should at least plan an overnight trip if you visit the destination. The fares for Warangal to Raichur trains start at about Rs 200 and the journey lasts for around seven and a half hours.If you travel from Warangal to Raichur by road, the petrol costs will set you back by nearly Rs 1,700 to 1,800.

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