Tourist Attractions in and Near Pune

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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A Pune trip is like a heady eclectic cocktail of fine restaurants, great museum hopping, a high voltage nightlife, smashing historic sightseeing, and a lot more. A wonderful moderate climate also does its bit to ensure a comfortable trip. Some of the grandest sightseeing attractions include Shaniwar Wada Fort, Aga Khan Palace & Gandhi National Memorial, Tribal Cultural Museum, and Pataleshvara Cave Temple. Besides its very own multiple charms, Pune is also geographically blessed with quite a few other renowned travel destinations in close vicinity such as Lonavala and Panchgani. Skim through this Pune trip planner for a quick introduction to Pune as well as these two destinations.

Shaniwar Wada Fort

Many tourists on their Pune travel inadvertently end up visiting the ruins of the Shaniwar Wada Fort owing to the colourful stories surrounding the place. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of the boy king Narayan Rao Peshwa, who was brutally murdered here. This 18th century palace still presents a majestic look with its humongous walls, plinths, and impressive doorways. Donít miss the evening light and sound show.

Aga Khan Palace & Gandhi National Memorial

No trip to Pune is complete without a visit to the Aga Khan Palace & Gandhi National Memorial. Located in the verdant settings of a 6.5 hectare area on the Mula River, this place was built by Sultan Aga Khan III in 1892. Many nationalist leaders including Mahatma Gandhi were held captives here. In fact, Gandhi jiís wife died here in captivity. Easy to see, why this place prompts so many visitors into including this place in their Pune travel planner itinerary.

Tribal Cultural Museum

Museums play a major role in the popularity of Pune tourism and the Tribal Cultural Museum is easily one of the best museums in the city. This museum is a treasure trove of rare tribal jewellery, which has been diligently collected from some of the most isolated parts of the country.

Pataleshvara Cave Temple

This small rock cut temple dates back to the 8th century and forms a part of the tour planner of quite a few people interested in visiting historic places. The style of the temple is pretty similar to the more famous Elephanta Island caves. An added attraction here is the Jangali Maharaj Temple.

Weekend Places near Pune

Puneís residents have a slew of attractive weekend places near Pune to choose from as Puneís geographic location puts it in close proximity to some highly popular sightseeing destinations. For instance, Panchgani and Lonavala are just a couple of the most well known of places to visit near Pune amongst plenty of other fabulous getaways.

A Panchgani Tour

The by road distance from Pune to Panchgani is just some 100 km. Some of the most popular attractions here include Devilís Kitchen, Panchgani Bazaar, and Parsu Point. One can cover this distance in just about two and a half hours by hopping aboard a Pune to Panchgani bus.

Trip to Lonavala

Lonavala is another of the most popular weekend getaways from Pune. The Pune to Lonavala distance is hardly about 66 km by road. In fact, many visitors cover Pune to Lonavala by road as it just takes about an hourís time to complete the distance. The idyllic natural beauty of the place is perhaps the major draw that prompts so many visitors to go on a trip from Pune to Lonavala. The not to be missed places here include Ryewood, Valvan Dam, and Tigerís Leap.

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