Travel Attractions from Nawalgarh

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Published: 29th October 2012
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Intrigued by Rajasthani havelis and forts? Well, take a trip to Nawalgarh and indulge your fetish. Although, many of the structures here are centuries old, they have been preserved beautifully. In fact, some of the structures are even as old as about 300 years. Located in the Sekhawati region of Rajasthan’s North Eastern part, Nawalgarh also boasts quite a few fine temples with amazing architecture and highly unique sculptures. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular Nawalgarh attractions as well as some information on Jaipur and Mandawa. Usually, visitors travel to Nawalgarh when they come to Jaipur or Mandawa.

Visiting Hira Lal Sarowgi Haveli

Visiting different havelis is perhaps the best part of one’s Nawalgarh trip and one of the star attractions is the Hira Lal Sarowgi Haveli. With its amazing woodwork, painstakingly carved elaborate designs, intricate floral designs and overall astounding artwork, the haveli makes for a captivating sightseeing attraction. With its warm old world charm and beauty, the haveli attracts art aficionados and history buffs alike. For a complete haveli sightseeing experience, make sure that you also check out the Aath Havelis. The Aath Havelis date back to 1900 AD. In short, Nawalgarh tourism owes a big chunk of its popularity to the attraction of haveli sightseeing.

A Tour of Roop Niwas Palace

In the course of your Nawalgarh tour, you will also do well to check out Roop Niwas Palace, the erstwhile home of the Thakur of Nawalgarh. With its spectacular contrast of European and Rajput styles of art and architecture, the place makes for a grand old historic sightseeing spot. Today, Roop Niwas Palace is the temporary dwelling of tourists visiting Nawalgarh as the structure has been made into a heritage hotel. Naturally, many visitors keen on experiencing the glory and charm of the yesteryears book their rooms at Roop Niwas Palace. The luxuries offered here pamper you no end. Interesting heritage tours are also organised to some of the best of Nawalgarh’s historic sites. So, it makes perfect sense if you book your stay here, while framing your Nawalgarh travel planner.

Bala Kila Fort Travel

The Bala Kila Fort is another sightseeing gem for your Nawalgarh travel itinerary. The fort, built way back in 1737, is also popularly known as Nawalgarh Fort. The most important part of the fort in terms of tourist interest is the south eastern area. This portion of the fort is full of elaborate frescoes, which are often said to be the best of the lot to be found in the entire Shekhawati region. However, don’t expect a completely ancient kind of ambience as many parts of the original fort had gone to ruins and had to be renovated at a much later date. Still, the fact remains that the Bala Kila Fort has been billed as a popular sightseeing attraction by many a renowned Nawalgarh travel guide.

Tourist places near Nawalgarh


Well, there is no dearth of tourist places near Nawalgarh with a couple of most popular ones being Jaipur and Mandawa. Here is some useful information for your travel planner to these places from Nawalgarh.

Trip to Jaipur

The Nawalgarh to Jaipur distance is approximately 140 km. It goes without saying that there is no end of touristy rewards for one going on a Nawalgarh to Jaipur trip. Just a handful of the attractions in Jaipur are Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort.

Trip to Mandawa

The Nawalgarh to Mandawa distance is approximately 35 km. You can travel from Nawalgarh to Mandawa by car in just about 45 minutes’ time.

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